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Never Miss An Opportunity Again

We act as an 24/7 online “front desk” for your website. Our role is to greet your website's visitors and engage them in conversation!
Then to convert that into a lead...

UK & USA Based Operators

We have Live Chat operators based in the United Kingdom and United States.

14 Day Free Trial*

No obligation trial, no credit card required and have your account up and running within 12 hours!

Increase Leads & Customer Support

Most users will just leave a website if they can't find the answer they need. We help prevent that.

Affordable Pricing

Starting at only £45 a month, Uparoo is cost effective & essential to your business.

Software Included

No need to pay for any licenses, that's all included in your package.

All Industries

We work with all industries from eCommerce, Real Estate, SaaS & many more!

Why Choose Uparoo?

Comprehensive Database

Uparoo will get you to provide as much information as possible, to reach the full potential of our live chat operators.

View Complete Chat Transcripts

We email all chat transcripts directly to you straight after the chat finishes!

Always Improving Our Knowledge

If we're not able to answer a question, we will get the users' information and send a support/lead email to you.

Optimised for All Devices

Our live chat support service works on all devices, making it easy to engage on PCs & laptops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Opening Hours

Our Live Chat operating hours Are 24x7 7-Days* a week so you never miss an opertunity again!

No Contracts & Simple Billing

Simply pay for the month ahead on a rolling basis. You’re free to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Getting Started Video

A quick guide on setting up your account and getting Uparoo on your website!

Pricing Plans

No setup fees, commitments or long-term contracts!
Cancel at any time and only pay for the month you are in.

Entry Plan

  • 20 Active Live Chats
  • Unlimited Knowledge FAQs
  • Live Chat Software
  • 24x7 Coverage
  • Lead/ Chat Notifications
  • Zero Setup Fees

Plus Plan

  • 45 Active Live Chats
  • Unlimited Knowledge FAQs
  • Live Chat Software
  • 24x7 Coverage
  • Lead/ Chat Notifications
  • Zero Setup Fees

Premium Plan

  • 100 Active Live Chats
  • Unlimited Knowledge FAQs
  • Live Chat Software
  • 24x7 Coverage
  • Lead/ Chat Notifications
  • Zero Setup Fees


Always Open


Chats A Month


Active Clients


Positive Chats

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you want to find out anything else just let us know by Live Chat or our contact form below!

How many chats will I need?

The best way to work out how many chats you will need is to use our free 14 day trial, we can then calculate this for you. You get 10 chats with your trial.

What happens if Uparoo cannot answer a question?

If we are unable to answer a chat, we will attempt to take the website visitors' details (name, email and phone number). These will then be sent to you and we will also ask you to offer us an answer for future questions. We are always working with you to create the best knowledgebase possible.

Can I have more than 100+ chats per month?

You can have as many chats as you need. If you require more than 100 chats just let us know and we can build you a custom package. We also offer a pay per chat option (a base package is required); for example, if you were to get 21 chats on your Basic package we would charge you for 5 more and the extra 4 chats will last for 1 month.

When do I get my chatbox code?

Once you have registered with Uparoo you will be given your chatbox code and then you can then add this to your website. We would recommend building your knowledgebase first so we can answer your website visitor’s questions. We can add your chat widget for you, just ask us hello@uparoo.co.uk

How will pricing be calculated?

You can pick the package that suits your needs; extra chats will be charged 5 at a time, extra chats last for 1 month or until used. More information can be provided by contacting us.

How long does Uparoo take to set up?

It takes seconds to register, then depending on how many questions you want to add to your knowledge base we can be chatting to your website's visitors within 12 hours but normaly allot sooner.

How does Uparoo answer questions about my business?

Once you have registered with Uparoo, you build a knowledgebase for us of answers and questions. For example: Q: What is your phone number A: 0123456789. We then use this information to answer your website visitors.

Can I give Uparoo agents extra training about my business?

We welcome extra training. Anything you can give us to help serve your website's visitors better is great.

Can I visit the Uparoo office?

Of course; if you would like to visit our office just let us know and we can arrange a meeting. We are based in Nottinghamshire, UK.

What is classed as a chat?

If we speak with one of your website visitors but they don’t respond or we dont collect any information from the visitor (email or phone number) we won’t class this as a chat.

How do I cancel this service?

You can cancel at any time, all you have to do is let us know and we won’t invoice you again. You can come back at any time as we will store your knowledgebase information.

Is Uparoo really based in the UK?

Yes, our head office is based in Nottinghamshire UK, we also have operators in the USA and around the world.

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